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Wednesday, 26-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
The Antique Chest

Itâ??s been around for the longest time. It probably existed long before my parents were even born. It has stood the test of time judging from the beaten look on its surface. I couldnâ??t help but wonder where it came from, where it has been, who previously owned it or what it was used forâ?¦ what it used to contain. I could only imagine old linens, personal journals, or small treasures, perhaps?

Five years ago, I bought this antique baul (chest) at a flea market and it now sits in my living room. Occasionally, it gets pushed out of the way when the helper is dusting or when Jake needs more space for using his walker. But most of the time, it just sits on its spot, silently stares me in the face when I am watching my favorite shows on cable or when Iâ??m in front of the computer. Even if I do other things, it sits there seemingly begging me to at least touch it. And what do I do? I abuse it by using it as a foot rest or as a catch-all of things that could have been put somewhere else.

Yesterday Iâ??ve gotten the drive to continue with my de-cluttering. I took a good look at my antique baul and then took a deep breath. Iâ??m finally doing this, I kept telling myself so as not to lose interest. Then I emptied it.

I sorted its contents - design books, travel albums, travel books, scrap books of the kidsâ?? school certificates and report cards, and magazines. Oh yes, there were lots of magazines â?? parenting, home, gadget reviews, food, fashion, health and even gossip magazines all dating from as far back as year 2000 to 2003. These were finally relegated to the trash bins. Yey! I chose to keep the good ones though not for future reading but as a source of pictures to be cut-out for school projects. Itâ??s probably the first time Iâ??ve looked into its contents that I wasnâ??t surprised to see lizard eggs. Ugh! Anyway, the travel albums, scrap books and all the rest, were put back in the chest, neatly piled in two rows.

It took me the whole morning to get done. I was pretty amused poring over old articles and features. One was about the latest cellphone for 2002, the bulky monochromatic Nokia 5510. I think they donâ??t even make that model anymore. Funny, the camphone was then unheard of. What a piece of history. Then thereâ??s the fashion trend from years back saying that the in thing to wear was peasant or baby-doll blouses. Ew? Then I read about the love story of Rico & Claudine. Really tacky but it was all over the spread I couldnâ??t help noticing. Heheâ?¦ Well, we know now who died and how it all ended, donâ??t we? Haayâ?¦

Sorting the baul was akin to the mind remembering the past. We choose to keep the good and the ones that matter. After the major cleanup, the antique chest probably looks the same on the outside with its distressed and beaten surface, but I feel good now that itâ??s empty of all the obsolete crap. It was actually therapeutic, not to mention amusing. So I guess Iâ??m doing this regularly from now onâ?¦

â?¦every five years, that is.

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