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By: Linnor Marie

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Monday, 7-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Beached! :)

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Last Saturday, we attended the anticipated childrenâ??s mass at CCTN which they celebrate every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. It was our first time to be there on the invitation of Lynn, my sis-in-law. The mass was attended mostly by people from the Opus Dei (I surmise).

Since our Sunday was a totally free day, we all trooped to Maribago Bluewater Beach as planned. It was to be Jakeâ??s first real beach trip since his previous one was last May 2004, when he was only 2 months old and probably wasnâ??t even aware of it. However this time, since he had colds & cough, we decided against having him swim in the beach and play in the sand. It was quite a bummer, but he enjoyed the trip while being carried most of the time.

At 9am, the beach was quite empty with only a few foreign guests doing their sunbathing. There were no swimmers, only waders, as the tide was still low. Apart from the low tide, the weather was perfect. The skies were clear and the breeze was cool.

We walked over to an empty hut where we parked our things and plopped our city-weary bodies. Jake happily played with his Duplo on one of the cots as Jerry and I took turns attending to him. And when it wasnâ??t my time, I snapped pictures away.

And soon, Matt & Kyle were on the shore for their make-believe games of putting the small fish and 2 medium-sized crabs in sand jail. Hehehe. A Korean father & son team even came up to join them. Pretty sight, I should say. From here on, I will let the pictures speak for the well-spent morning we had with the boysâ?¦.

A tender moment between father and sonâ?¦

Jake with his Duplo, quite reluctant to ham it up with the camera

Matt & Kyle built sand prisons for their captive crabs

Low tideâ?¦

Jakeâ??s first real attempt to step on sand and he actually liked it!

Sand toys

And so it finally came to pass, our first beach trip for 2005.
Looking forward to more...


Thursday, 3-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
It's Not What It Looks Like

Jake was looking out from our balcony to the neighbor when I took this shot.
Nice house and carâ?¦

NOT!!! He was looking at the scale model of the house in Legacy, an Ayala property.

Heâ??s probably just thinking how the house and the car got so small. Heheâ?¦

Pretty much like real life. Itâ??s very easy to judge and more often than not, jump to the wrong conclusion. That â??s the thought that crossed my mind when I saw what came out of my photosâ?¦


We went to the Department of Agriculture to look for ornamental plants and herbs that I could purchase for the house. I was full of high hopes that Iâ??d be able to get a few pots there thinking that they must have a well-kept plant nursery and all. That was the impression I got from their sign board. Apparently, I was wrong. It was hard to tell the plants for sale from the weeds and other wild greens we saw. The ladies who were manning the nursery werenâ??t too helpful either.

On the other hand, the plant shops that we went to near the business park had more interesting plants to offer, albeit not the herbs that I wanted. They were even kind enough to give us a few pointers on the types of plants suited for the space we have and how to care for these plants. And as I got to learn a few things, I grew more excited to start doing a little gardening on our balcony. What I thought to be a daunting task such as gardening is not too difficult as it may sound after all.

Wednesday, 2-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Microwaved Salmon?

After commenting on Junnieâ??s entry today, I remembered it was a good material for posting in mine. My comment was about the salmon that we had a few days back.

A few days ago, Jerry thought of cooking up something for dinner. Lucky me, I have a hubby who loves cooking as much as I love eating! Heehee! And to my delight, baked salmon was the recipe of choice.

For some reason, baked salmon was a memorable dish for me. It never fails to remind me of Switzerland (some weird connection huh?). It was actually there that I first tasted a really good baked salmon recipe courtesy of Mitzi, my sis-in-law. Since then, I craved for salmon in any form â?? baked with herbs, grilled, sashimi and even the canned variety (pathetic!).

The last time we had salmon, Jerry tried to bake it using the microwave oven. I repeat - the microwave oven and not the conventional oven. THE COMPLETE MICROWAVE COOKBOOK I bought for Christmas was put to good use for the first time. Yey! And guess what?

Save for the presentation, it actually turned out oh-so delicious!

Jerry's microwaved salmon a la Suisse

Tuesday, 1-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
One Fine Day (Almost Perfect)

If youâ??re not from Cebu, youâ??d probably have a hard time guessing where I took this shot. If youâ??ve lived in Cebu all your life, probably youâ??d still be unable to identify where I took this shot. Heheheâ?¦

Jerry thought it was one of Junnieâ??s. Hah, now thatâ??s a compliment! Matt couldnâ??t exactly pinpoint where it is either until I showed him the next two pictures belowâ?¦.

Then he got it. I took the shots on my way to the Ayala Mall and these were taken near the South Entry.


The boys had half-day sessions in school today. I planned to take them out to Ayala for snacks at any of their favorite food outlet. That would be fun, I thought and I even planned to bring Jake along to complete the family bonding.

While at the dentist this morning, Jerry's cellphone rang. I promptly answered as it was Matthew who was calling. He asked permission if he could join his friend Kevin who invited him to their house. After making sure that Kevin's parents knew about the boys' plan, I allowed him to go.

On our way to school to get Kyle, I thought of taking him out to lunch at any of his favorite food outlet. Some sort of a reward for staying with us. In the car, I eagerly asked him if he would like to have lunch out with me and Jerry. He said yes and proceeded to ask me if he could go to his friend Carlo's house after.

*Sigh*. This happened a few weeks ago and surely this couldn't be happening again... I imagined a free afternoon with the boys today, but the kids had made plans of their own... It's not a bad thing, I know.... *double sigh*

While I sat silently in the car, Jerry asked, "Where to now?". To which I answered - "Home!"

No more special lunch out today. Blecch!

Saturday, 29-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Just Curious


I've had my Nokia 7650 since early 2003. Though I'm not a heavy cellphone user, I've been pining to have one that has the following minimum features which my present cellphone is not: triband, small or lightweight, with expandable memory...

I have seen a lot of user-reviews in the net and instead of narrowing down my options, I have gotten even more confused at the different functionalities of each model. *sigh*. With that said, I have entirely put-off shopping for a cellphone... er well, at least for now.

Hm, I'm just curious, so what cellphone are you using or what would you prefer to buy?

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