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Tuesday, 21-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
PhotoTime Tuesday: RELAXATION

keeping cool
The pic was taken at the height of the kids' summer vacation (April-May).

Monday, 20-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A Trip Like No Other

still in uniform, Kyle is being attended to by a doctor...
the wound...
good as new after the minor surgery...
Mondays are generally busy days. This particular Monday, Kyle was excited to go to school for his PE class. It was his first time to wear his new pair of AND1 rubber shoes. We spent the whole afternoon yesterday shopping for a size 4.5 (US) pair of rubber shoes and went to look at the different Nike, Adidas and And1 models, until we zeroed in on this white pair.

What I thought would be just an ordinarily busy day turned out to be different when, at 4pm, I received a call from the school clinic. My heart was ready to jump out of my chest as I was nervously anticipating any dreadful news. The first time they called me years ago was when Matt had to be bathed in school after a caterpillar that accidentally fell on him from a tree, caused him to itch all over. Second time the school called about a year ago was when Kyle fainted during graduation practice.

So what could it be this time? The school nurse informed me that Kyle tripped and hurt his chin. I thought it couldn't be that bad, could it? The nurse proceeded to tell me that we should see a doctor immediately as the fall caused a 2-cm cut. What? That's an inch!

Next thing I knew, I was in school with Matt leading me to the school clinic. In a few minutes, Jerry, Matt, Kyle and I were in the ER of Cebu Doctor's Hospital. I was hoping that the wound wasn't bad enough to require stitches. But no, when the residents checked on it, it was more than a 2-cm cut. It was a 4-cm gash that really needed to be sutured! I was ready to faint myself.

The minor surgery took 45 minutes and soon Kyle was ready to go. Dr. Villamor is good at what he does apparently. Kyle's wound, after being dressed, looked like it was just a scrape.

Thank heavens!

As a side note.... how much do I get if I sued And1?

Sunday, 19-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Otras Cosas - Another Shameless Plug

Sis & bro-in-law at Otras Cosas
I was thrilled that somebody from Cebu, who happened to visit my blog, has seen that small nook I call Tee'licious at Maze (at the Ayala Center). Thanks Johanna for visiting and noticing our stall! We are not unknown after all. Heehee. Now I'm more inspired to continue bringing value for money by way of selling really great fitting tees at really affordable prices.

While I'm on a roll for plugging personal ventures here, allow me to tell you about the twin of Tee'licious. Meet Otras Cosas, our Mexican stall also @ Maze (Ayala Center) where warm nachos or tostadas made of authentic corn tortilla are served with delectable cheezy dip or mouth-watering chunky salsa! These are just the perfect treat for hungry or tired shopaholics...

For the more adventurous, try our bite-size taquitos. A piece of these mini tacos is supposed to be eaten in a single shot just like you take a shot of tequila. However, be warned that this would really be a mouthful of corn tortilla, veggies, cheese & salsa! Just be ready to drool. Hehehe...

Friday, 17-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tee'licious! A Shameless Plug

yummy eye-candies!
Since its hurried conceptualization last December just to take advantage of the available space at sis-in-law's Maze (@ Ayala Center Cebu), things are looking up with our other 7-month old baby.

The wall module we got at the fashion section was bound to look like any other display shelf if not for the surge of inspiration that moved us into designing something different. How else are we to showcase the Tee'licious colors of our cotton-spandex tees if not with the use of something innovative? We customized pigeon-hole-like mini shelves to display individual eye-candy tee. Result is a stunning display of rainbow hues.

For packaging, we didn't just rely on the in-store generic supply. Instead, I came up with a prototype one day and had it mass-produced. Result is a cute tote for storage of other girlie thingies and what-nots. This in itself was a great come-on for first-time clients. A cute tee that comes in a cute tote for a very reasonable price is hard to resist, we soon found out.

For our clientele, we have established regulars from the yuppie crowd, the cool moms, the hip teens and some medical studes who just love our whites.

Our first stab at retail of ladies apparel is showing a very promising future. I could get used to doing this full-time.

Sunday, 12-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Jake at Six Months

"Let's do the leg raise now..."
"....Up...Hold position..."
"And down..."
View all 6 photos...
Jake turned 6 months yesterday. It�s amazing how time flies. The occasion was relegated to today's post as I was paying tribute to my brother and sis-in-law who flew to Canada yesterday.

Six months ago, I never imagined myself seeing my youngest son looking like a regular 6-month old toddler. He was born with a condition called IUGR (intra-uterine growth retardation) that resulted to a seriously low birth weight. From my ultrasound, he was estimated to be weighing 3 lbs. On March 11, he was born weighing ONLY 2 LBS and 11 OZ!!!

One of our greatest miracles is having Jake, now at six months, weighing 17 lbs, a pound heavier than a 7month old baby.

He has now perfected the art of raising his legs, rolling to his side and on his belly and back, putting his fingers in his mouth, smiling, giggling, mumbling what sounds like garbled baby talk, eating his baby food, grabbing anything he gets his hands on (most of the time my hair! Youch!).

Best of all, he now sleeps straight through the night.

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