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By: Linnor Marie

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Monday, 22-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bridging the Distance

Tree is up!
Jerry left for Manila early Sunday morning *sigh* to take the PAL flight for Japan to participate in the World Congress. He has been there a few times (sadly, without me...). Today, on the first day of his trip, we emailed each other. Below are the "not-so-private" exchange of communication that shows how trivial (in a humorous way) we could be:

Hi Noks!

I'm at the JCI Secretariat in the Fukuoka International Convention Center. Feeling JCI na rin ako. No news pa about the position coz everybody was busy with the Opening Ceremonies yesterday. When I hear something about it, I'll let you know right away. We had some kind of salad dressing last night that was really good. On the way home, Manny & I stopped by a 7-11 to buy the dressing also.

I love you!


(Texts in red are not part of the original email). I replied:

Hi Jerky!

So far I have managed to bring Kyle to school at 6:50am today. Hehe... There was no traffic at all since we left the house at 6:35 am. We thought the driver was late but saw him on our way out of the parking. (I brought Kyle to school while the temporary driver brought Matt to his running competition at Cebu City Sports Complex) As usual Matt left his runner's number and the driver had to get it back from the house na naman AFTER bringing him to Abellana (or Sports Complex) .

I got to Redemptorist (church) early din and even had to wait for a few minutes. The mass started right after I said the novena to St. Expeditus. Heehee, I was (really and on very rare occasions) that early.

I also had the Altis cleaned by the watch-your-car guy at church (during the mass & then while I was reciting the Rosary). Now it looks better. Yesterday it was so dusty (so grimy it gave the red color a dull tone). By the way, do they really charge P30 for car cleaning or I just got ripped off? Hmmm. (No use arguing with the watch-your-car guy for a P10 overcharge.)

Will email you again about what's been happening here. I'm waiting for Lorlyn's (Tee'licious reliever) call 'cause she plans to go home to attend to her brother's funeral. Just text/email me what I have to do since Lorlyn wouldn't be around to assist. That means Edna (of Tee'licious) won't be having her day-off on Wednesday right?

Just text/email me of things you want to remind me please. I'm so scatter-brained pa naman. (OR just lazy and needed to be prodded????)

Mwa-mwa!!! I hope there's news about your position na today (so that I could buy that new notebook we've been pining for). Hehehe. Baboo! I love you!


(PS: I bought Giordano shirts pala yesterday for *deleted names of recipients* for Christmas na. From *deleted marked down prices* each shirt na lang. Big savings for a popular brand. I'm such a sucker for SALE items! And oh, on Dec 4, Erlinda is inviting us all for the grand opening of her Kamiseta in Ayala. (Hmm, another excuse to go on a food trip) )

Sunday, 14-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Midnight Madness!!!

Tee'licious - our "baby"
Fifty-five. During our launch at the Maze last February 2004, we sold 55 shirts in one day. Our highest so far and that was just great! 55 as our benchmark, Jerry and I realized that selling that much was P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E.

Yesterday, Ayala had a one-day mall-wide midnight madness sale. We stocked up on inventory expecting a surge of customers who will be doing their early Christmas shopping. Knowing that it was mall-wide and the people would be going after the marked-down items of their favorite popular brands, we were contented at the thought of selling even half of 55.

Last night, at 12 midnight, we counted our sales for one day. Nope, we didn't sell 55, not even half of that.

We sold 1-1-0 shirts!!!

Thursday, 11-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bright Prospects

bright neon lights at Ayala Center Cebu (click to enlarge)
I will be turning over the laptop today as I have already sent the last batch of my reports. The Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 G will soon follow. In no time, I will be stripped of all the trappings of my so-called career in a prestigious company. Pretty humbling experience I should say...

On the other hand, here are a few items on our agenda this week and the next...

1. Jerry and I are presenting our business proposal to Ayala Mall next week. Time for me to make that powerpoint slideshow. We are praying for the realization of our vision which we call Cubbyhole.

2. Later, we will be meeting with a "partner" in the new mall in Banilad for the expansion of Teelicious. Preliminary talks show that the terms are favorable. Add to that the good news that a friend has agreed to make exclusive items for our brand.

3. Lastly, the "newly-acquired old" SUV is coming out tomorrow or next week. Yay!

God has really been generous I should say. So much is being given for so little in return.

As Johanna commented a few posts earlier, "when i look into the future, it is so bright it burns my eyes".

Friday, 5-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Turning Over and Moving On

My ex-staff (in red), Lito & Prime
The same group after a delish lunch.
With me (at Casa Verde) were Mike, Ronald, Lito & Dennis
For the past days, it's like I haven't left work. On the request of Lito of Risk Management, I have been spending time with them in the office to facilitate the turn-over and to get my clearance going. Last Tuesday, the CFO met with the Regional Accounting staff to introduce Dennis, my replacement, and to officially start the turn-over. Then the short meeting was capped with a sumptuous lunch at Isla Park.

Not that I didn't enjoy being in the office. As a matter of fact, I had fun being there knowing that I didn't have to feel stressed anymore about deadlines. Yet, I'm writing this and not feeling any emotion at all. A sign that I have moved on, perhaps?

Wednesday, 3-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Playing House

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It's very timely that when the helper had to leave to study in the province, it was during the onset of the semestral break when activities around the house were at a slower pace. The timing was just right. So in between playing the computer, the playstation, watching tv or swimming in the pool, Matt & Kyle try to assist in some chores.

Main activities have been divided as follow: Jerry does the cooking, I do the dishwashing, and the kids take charge of the lighter tasks such as setting the table, fixing their room and looking after Jake when the midwife leaves. Since nobody wanted to do the laundry, we thought it best to send it to the laundromat. The rest of the general cleaning is being done by a moonlighting hired help.

Last night Jerry & I took these shots of our boys busily preparing for dinner, playing the computer and taking care of Jake. Pretty amusing sight!

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