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By: Linnor Marie

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Saturday, 25-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Christmas Day Grand Opening

December 25, 2004 is a red-letter day for my sis-in-law who chose this auspicious date for the opening of their 2nd Mother's Fried Chicken outlet at St. Patrick's Square (near the Redemptorist Church and at the back of St. Theresa's College).

The facade before the preparations for the grand opening...

My sis-in-law with Fr. Javier as the latter officiated the blessing...

Kyle, the tallest kid in red, is next to cousin Michael. He is also with my brother-in-law and 2 sisters-in-law.

Mom-in-law, 2 sisters-in-law and some nephews and nieces...

Jake and I are with mom-in-law, sis-in-law, nephew and niece. At the background wearing green and dark blue is my eldest, Matthew.

Jake with cousins..

Jake toasting to the success of Mother's...

Thursday, 23-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
December Slap Stick and Merry Greetings

Last Sunday I wore black jeans to church. I noticed it became a bit faded than the last time I had it laundered. Hmm, this is the bane of having your clothes professionally machine washed. Their life span is somehow diminished.

As I hurriedly put it on, I silently reminded myself to lose some weight lest I end up having to buy new wardrobe. And so the day wore on with us attending mass at the sports club, visiting my in-laws for lunch, and then going home by mid-afternoon...

That evening, as I did my usual sorting of laundry, I noticed the same black jeans neatly hung together with the rest. That's strange, I thought. I ran to the bathroom to take off what I thought was my jeans, only to confirm what I initially feared. *Gasp!* What I was wearing was one size smaller than what I owned.

I wore somebody else's jeans that day! Ew! Just great...

Jerry received a late text message today. Apparently, M (sis-in-law 1) wanted to have her purchased Tee'licious shirt exchanged. She couldn't believe her eyes when L (sis-in-law 2) brought out the clothes she would be wearing tomorrow for the Christmas Eve dinner. It was the same as what M bought for L as a gift! Among the many prints and designs we sell, they intuitively bought the same. Talk about having the same Tee'licious taste!

To my loved ones, Paparazzi, Mamarazzi, Junnie & Mitzi, May & Rommel & Zia, we may not be together this year to celebrate the birth of our Lord, but we are certainly including you all in our Christmas Thanksgiving prayer.

Merry Christmas to my family, relatives, and online/non-online friends!

Thursday, 16-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My Other Friends

The whole family with Paparazzi & Mamarazzi
I was beginning to get the hang of being "retired" from employment, until our househelp of more than 5 years, left due to health reasons. And since then, we haven't found a reliable replacement, even after trying to contact several agencies and relatives for referrals. Nada. People say it's hard to find househelps at this time of the year when they all make an exodus to their hometowns for the holidays.

Because of the absence of a reliable help, my routine changed drastically. I used to get up early to go with Jerry as he drives Matt & Kyle to school, then attend the daily mass at 7 and be back home for Jake by 830 (or 930 if I have to drop by the supermarket). Now I wake up early to have breakfast with my boys, kiss them goodbye, clear out the table and wash the dishes. After which, I fix the beds, wipe the thingies, sweep & mop the floors, clean the toilets and sort the laundry.

Aside from my nurse who extends extra helping hands when Jake is asleep, I have to thank my (new) friends for making things a lot easier around the house...Mr. Clean dishwashing liquid, Mighty toilet bowl cleaner, Band Aid alcohol (for the toilet seats & telephone mouthpiece), the "walis tambo" and dustpan, and numerous disposable rags (P1/each).

Blame it on my OC (obsessive-compulsive) mentality, but I have never seen our house this antiseptic.

Friday, 10-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy Birthday Papa(razzi)!!!

No other Papa would put up with all our impossible requests (well almost, except one about the car though, hehehe). He may be way over the hill at 60+++ years old (just teasing! ), but he feels he's never too old to see the world with loved ones, to learn surfing the internet and peep into our blogs to see what his kids and grandkids are up to and to give precious bits of advice. Hehe...

To the best Papa and Grandpa in the whole wide world...

HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS!!!! We love you!!!

Tuesday, 7-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bye Toyota, Hello (again) Mitsubishi!

We initially wanted this....
...but settled with this...
The CEO and the CFO at the office I used to work for, called last week to ask when I was going to turn over the Altis 1.6 G. Though I was expecting this any time this month, I found it strange for them to press me into turning over the car before the date of my resignation (December 31, 2004 yet). There was a bit of tension here and I got confused as to what my rights were as a former employee, so I went on to request Jerry to consult a lawyer.

Atty. Tolentino gave the assurance that it was okay for me to hold on to the car until I was agreeable to the final pay I would be receiving. This was my cue and my consequent reply through SMS to the CFO.

Last Thursday, HRD, Accounting and Payroll worked overtime to compute and send me the details. When everything was okay, I then brought the car to the office last Friday for the turnover. It was kind of sad looking at the car that provided us convenience for the last 20 months or so.

I sent an SMS to the CFO when the turnover was done and even texted him the last odometer reading (lest Ed the Director fancied using it just as he used Mike's car on a whim. I heard he even hinted on swapping his lower model with mine! The nerve...) Shortly I received an SMS reply from the CFO stating that he would do everything for the release of my final pay not later than Wednesday (that would be tomorrow).

It was a good machine, and it still is. As I let go of it, I'm about to put closure to this whole employment thing.

(As a replacement, Jerry and I initially thought of buying a Ford Everest. However, due to practical reasons, we opted to buy a Japanese SUV instead.)

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