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By: Linnor Marie

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Sunday, 16-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Celebrating the Sinulog

the mask vendors the night before
the nearest we could get
matt & kyle choosing a P5 tattoo (each)
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We would have wanted to join the religious procession yesterday or to watch the grand parade. However, being a Sunday, 10-month old Jake's nanny was on day off. The next best thing for us to do was to go as near as possible to the parade route in the attempt to catch a glimpse of any of the many contingents.

It was too early when we got to the cordoned off parade route so all we were able to do was to get ourselves tattooed! How worldly, don't you think? Pagan whatever. The tattoos were stickers made to look like henna or the real thing. It was just for kicks. Heehee!

After hearing the Sunday mass, we were invited for lunch at Georg Cafe by my sis-in-law. So part of the afternoon was spent there. By 3PM, we were on our way to the mall to check on the sale which Tee'licious participated in. Business was good, I should say.

This year's Sinulog was on its 25th anniversary so one Japanese company saw it fit to donate and cap the occasion with P2 million worth of fireworks display that lasted for about an hour.

Next year, when Jake is able to walk, it would be a great experience for the family to really take part in the religious festivities.


Saturday, 15-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Feast of the (Mischievous) Santo Nino

image from

**Miraculous Wood **

It is told that one day, long before the coming of the Spaniards, a native went out into the sea to fish. He did not catch anything for the better part of the day until finally, he felt a weight at the end of his line. He brought it in only to discover that it was nothing but a piece of wood. This occurred several times until, tired and angry, he decided to keep the stubborn piece of wood in his boat. And voila! Like magic, all the fish swum towards his boat and he went home with a bountiful catch.

The natives of Cebu soon discovered that this piece of wood had other magical powers. They could use it as a scarecrow to keep animals away from their dying crops. In times of drought, they only had to immerse it in the sea and the rains would come. Apparently, this same piece of wood was fashioned into the image of the Santo Niño.

**Home Sweet Home?**

The legend continues that long after the Spanish conquest, the King of Spain decided that the image of the Santo Niño be brought to Spain as a proof of its conquest of the islands.

The image was placed in a locked box that was in turn placed in a locked metal casket and shipped to Spain, heavily guarded. Imagine the consternation of the King when the boxes were opened in his presence and revealed nothing!

The image had mysteriously disappeared and guess what! It reappeared miraculously the following day on the altar of San Agustin Church in Cebu!

The story goes on to say that another attempt was made to ship the image to Spain-this time in a third box locked inside two other boxes. Again the image was nowhere to be found when the boxes were opened in Spain. It had seemingly returned to the San Agustin Church by its own accord.

There were further attempts but each time, the image kept disappearing and reappearing in Cebu.

**Mischievous Niño? **

One version of the story says that the image was brought to Manila but it kept coming back to Cebu. Another version says it was brought to Vatican but not even the Pope himself could keep the Child from returning to his home in Cebu.

Still, another version relates that the exasperated priests amputated one of the Santo Niño's legs to prevent him from going back to Cebu. Some people point to the uneven stance of the Santo Niño as proof of this amputation.


The tales above were swiped from different internet sites (the original source is unknown) about the Senor Santo Nino. Folklore or not, the icon is for real and it clearly stands for the beginning of Christianity in the Philippines.

My very own mischievous ninos (boys) with their Pa.

Wednesday, 12-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
In Full Swing

Sinulog dancers in the mall/supermarket

Jerry and I were at the supermarket this afternoon and as soon as we were ready to wheel our cart to the parking lot, we heard the sound of drums doing the familiar Sinulog beat. Moments later, a group of dancers dressed in native costumes of bright orange and green began dancing the Sinulog (2 steps forward - 1 step back). It was timely that I had my digicam with me so I took a shot at the group like the other tourists who unashamedly clicked away. Heh, I felt very much like a paparazzi.

The malls dotting the city have showcased this annual fiesta not only by having a weeklong grand sale but also by hiring dancers (like the group we saw), having concerts, street dancing, bazaars and face painting, etc. The streets (parade route) are now bedecked with colorful flaglets and the pavements have fresh coats of paint. The local dailies are filled with ads and promos building up excitement toward this event.

Yes, the preparation for the Sinulog (grand parade on the 16th) is in full swing.

Note to self: Be reminded that the Sinulog is very much a religious festivity as it is a mardi gras. It's also a time of prayer to & veneration of the Child Jesus known as the Senor Santo Nino.

Monday, 10-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Conspiracy Theory

11-year old Matt, 10-month old Jake and 8-year old Kyle, all huddled together...

Even if I have most of the weekdays all to myself since I became a stay-at-home-mom, I still look forward to weekends to go out with Jerry and the kids. Yeah we do get to spend family time with their cousins, but I wanted more time with them especially on weekends. However, lately, it ends up that the two elder boys, Matt & Kyle, have plans of their own.

Last Saturday, we had lunch at the old Abuhan Restaurant where Jerry met with their sales group. Amazing how much food the kids could already consume! Matt had more than two big cups of rice and Kyle had about 2 to go with the restoâ??s famous pochero (delish but sinfully cholesterol-laden!). When you see them eating heartily like that, you either get amused and end up eating as much or get distracted from your diet and still end up eating as much! Hahaha!

Anyway, after that really filling lunch (Ugh! I resent the extra poundage I gained!), I was hoping to go shopping with my kids in tow. Kyle said his friend Jericho was waiting for him at home. They agreed to play PS2 at his friendâ??s place. Then I turned to Matt who said heâ??d just stay home and play the computer or watch NBA, because he didnâ??t want to be seen out with zits on his face.

Whatâ??s up with that? Now I have to make an appointment with my kids or wait for their zits to dry before I could take them out? Since when did going to the mall become a bore to my boys who would usually end up coming home with either a new PC or PS1 CD, or a new set of clothes? I donâ??t seem to recall when they stopped getting all giddy at the thought of going through shelves of legos and model cars. Was this a well-thought out plan to conspire against me? Ack!

Without really saying it, the look on Jerryâ??s face seemed to tell me to let go a bit since the kids are growing up. Sighâ?¦. Iâ??m glad I still have 10-monh old Jake to keep me company for the next 8 years!

(Sunday morning, Matt & Kyle woke me up with hugs and kisses and words of apology for making me feel â??rejectedâ??. Allâ??s well!)

Saturday, 8-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Busy City

banderitas (flaglets) up close

Cebu City is gearing up for the annual Feast of the Sto. Nino which is usually celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January. The novena masses at the Basilica del Sto. Nino have started last January 6 and will end on the 14th with a grand parade (Sinulog) on the 16th.

Tourists, both local and foreign, are sure to flock once again to the city to participate in the religious festivities together with millions of devotees, or to watch the mardi gras. It's going to be a really busy week.

Good for the spirit as well as for business.

the banderitas add more color to the city

The road leading to the capitol is jammed with vehicles, another sign that transients are starting to arrive for the Sinulog.

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