Captured Moments

By: Linnor Marie

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Tuesday, 17-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

I didn't want to pre-empt the launching of my new site, but since I started tinkering with Wordpress (thanks to Tin!), I am now the proud owner of

So feel free to click and continue reading about our newly CAPTURED MOMENTS.

While you're at it, please update your links too.

See you there!

Friday, 13-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Last Tuesday, Nanny Cathy excitedly told me that Jake could walk a few steps. Yeah, right. We have seen him pull himself up in the playpen or walk while clutching your hand or onto low furniture, but I haven't seen him walk real steps all by his lonesome. I wanted to see for myself.

Back from a stroll downstairs with the other tots, I eagerly waited as Nanny Cathy poised Jake to showcase his newly-perfected skill. I was quite hesitant to let go of him completely, thinking that it was just too soon. Then, I felt that he wasn't leaning on me for support. Huh? Wha...

He was standing, a bit wobbly though. This was nothing new. Jake could stand alright, even before he turned a year old. Then, his weight shifted from one leg to the other. He looked very determined to lift his right leg, then his left. Soon, like in cadence, he made his slow baby steps towards the television. I literally shrieked with delight! Was this for real? Jake is walking!!! My baby is now walking!

Aw... I felt a pang inside of me. My Jake is really walking now...

After a few days, Jake seemed more confident to walk...

Thursday, 12-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

I hurriedly got dressed this morning, thrilled to watch Matthew play with his basketball team. At the last minute, Kyle decided to stay home to just have fun with little Jake. I would have wanted him to join us (you know, thinking it was a good way to bond), but later on realized that it was in fact good he stayed or he would have gotten bored rigid and ratty sitting in a warm court for nearly the whole morning.

The indoor court in the club was buzzing with boys, mostly players. There were parents too, eager to see their sons play. And the HAPEE Team players and Matt were donning their "aprons" (Jerry called it "bibs") over their shirts as they were getting all set for the game.

Matt played on the 1st and 4th quarters as center or forward player. He is one of the tallest players for the 9-12 age bracket. And seeing him shoot and do the rebounds, I suddenly had visions of myself having an NBA player for a son. That's NBA folks, no less. Yee-ha!

They actually lost to their opponent (boo!), but it was certainly a great match. It was their 3rd game on their very first league and I saw how it improved their team spirit, ball-handling and shooting skills. The experience was an excellent practice and would indubitably benefit their subsequent competitions.

huddled for the team's play strategies

Matt & Raymond - top 2 players for Hapee


We had a meeting with our co-tenants at this new mall (Banilad Town Center) this afternoon. Part of the agenda was the opening date slated for June 1. Yikes! That's 2 weeks away and we haven't started constructing our display module yet. I have to call one of my suppliers now to reserve more stocks. Panic time!


On a different note, the meeting was in Gloria Jean's in Banilad Town Center. To date, Gloria Jean's is the second foreign coffee franchise to open in Cebu after Starbucks. Since I’m not really a fan of these two, applause from me is not forthcoming. No bells and whistles. However, not wanting to be just onlookers while some of our co-tenants were ordering, Jerry and I were forced to try for ourselves.

It was my first time to sample their brewed coffee. I'm no coffee connoisseur, but I sure know when my buds are pleased. And for the price paid for a cup, the flavor wasn't much.

the mural in Gloria Jean's

Sunday, 8-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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It was some sort of double celebration last Sunday for Mothers' Day and Rita's birthday. Everyone on Jerry's side of the family was there in full force. The merry month of May indeed is a month of special occasions.

May 1 - Cousin Malyn's birthday
May 4 - My friend, Lito's birthday
May 6 - My sister, May, celebrated her birthday. Hey sis, I'm not about to squeal on your age, don't worry. That would be a dead giveaway for mine. Hahah! I hope you had a good one.
May 8 - SIL Rita and friend Mike's birthday
May 7 - SIL Eya and Steve's wedding anniversary
May 10 - Papa Lalo's (my uncle whom we fondly call Papa) birthday
May 20 - My maternal grandma's 91st birthday
May 22 - Nephew Michael's birthday
May 23 - Friend Dahlia's birthday
May 26 - SIL Mary's birthday
May 29 - SIL Lynn and friend Forden's birthday, May and Rommel's wedding anniversary

If I had a slice of cake for each of these special occasions, I would be plump by June!!! Hehe...

Saturday, 7-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

What is a better way to beat stress during traffic jams? Take a picture of your passengers. In this case, my passengers were Matt, Kyle and Jake, who didn't seem to mind the sluggish pace.

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